Shock Test Machine
Shock Test Machine

Shock Test Machine

Shock Test Machine used to measure and identify product fragility levels ,protective packaging, and to evaluate the

Product Details

Shock Test Machine



Machine Introduction
Shock Test Machine is a fully automated series of shock test systems used to measure and identify product fragility levels ,protective packaging, and to evaluate the functional reliability and structural integrity of the test products in the shock environment.
With the simulation of real world shock pulses, including half sine, or choosing square wave and sawtooth pulse shapes, as well as impact energy levels, manufacturers can systematically test and optimize product design and packaging.

Machine Features
a) Windows control system;
b) Multi-track guide pillar: combined with hydraulic balance lifting system, good lubricity, no noise, automatic positioning table;
c) Automatic control of lifting height: After the height setting is completed, the computer automatically controls the lifting height of the surface, with high accuracy and good repeatability;
d) High-performance cast aluminum table top: Cast aluminum table top has high strength and hardness and high first-order resonance frequency, low noise and no clutter;
e) The most reliable brake system: built-in brake mechanism to avoid secondary rebound impact, more secure positioning table;
f) Various wave forms: Change different waveform generators to execute conventional half-sine wave and post-peak sawtooth waveform;
g) Easy installation: the equipment comes with a high-performance buffer vibration isolation device, no special foundation is required, and the installation is convenient and reliable;
h) Perfect measurement system: the system stores various waveform differential bands, which is convenient for users to adjust and apply, and automatically completes the generation of test reports after the test is completed;
i) Compatibility of the system: Compatible with a variety of impact measurement and analysis software systems, providing users with more choices.Specification.


Model No.


Table Size (W x L)

800x800mm  or customized

Machine Dimensions


Rated Load

100Kg( specimen and fixture included)

Machine Weight


Shock Wave

Half Sine, Saw-tooth and Trapezoid


Acceleration Range


Pulse Duration


Max Acceleration




150~1000 m/s2



trapezoid wave


150~1000 m/s2



Power Source


hydraulic pressure

The two hydraulic cylinders are used to increase the power. On the one hand, they can reduce the pressure of the hydraulic source and overcome the rise of the hydraulic oil temperature. The main purpose is to reduce the force on the connection with the worktable and improve the reliability of the system.

Shock Meter

Waveform duration


Max sampling frequency


Max Acceleration Range



1. It can realize rising edge, falling edge/double edge triggering, you can set the pre-trigger percentage, and you can set the trigger level; you can specify no trigger (ie free running), specified channel trigger, and any channel trigger
2. Shock response spectrum analysis for each shock waveform captured

Capture time:


Pulse time

0.05ms to 5,000ms

Testing Report Format

Word or pdf

Hardware Configuration

Input Channel


Output port



24-bit ADC

Coupling method

 AC single-ended, AC differential, DC single-ended,
DC differential, charge, IEPE

Input impedance

 1MΩ (single-ended) 2MΩ (differential)

Product number HD-G809 Brand HAIDA
price unit USD
Minimum order quantity 1 Supply Capacity 30 Set/Sets per Month
payment method Certification ISO,CE
Place of origin DongGuang,China Packing details Each set protected by resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and vedio inside.