Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber
Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber is applicable for various kinds material's surface treatment, such as after coatin

Product Details


Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber
can determine the corrosion resistance of iron metal or the iron metal inorganic film or organic film test, such as: electroplating, anode processing, conversion coating, painting, ect.
Salt spray chamber can be used to simulated condition that more often meet at natural environment, and then deteriorated the natural environment to be tested, such as the salt spray, dry, wet, room temperature, low temperature environment, it can be tested in any order or individually tested. Applicable fields including automobile parts, aviation equipment, photographic equipment, building materials, electricity, electrical and electronic systems.

Standard Parameters


Model HD-E808-160
Internal Size (W*D*H)  1600*1000*500mm
External Size (W*D*H) 2450*1250*1400mm
Equipment Material P.V.C rigid plastic plate, thickness 8mm
Sample tray Diameter 10mm glass fiber rod, anti-rust
V-shape plastic steel to make sure sample in 15~30 degree inclined
Temperature Range Room temperature ~ 55℃
Temperature Fluctuations ≤±0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤±2℃
Temperature Precision ±1℃
Spraying method Continuous and Periodic spray type
Test Chamber Temperature Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS)35±1℃ 
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method (CASS) 50±1℃
Saturated air Barrel Temperature Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS)47±1℃ 
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method (CASS) 63±1℃
Brine Temperature 35℃±1℃
Spray Quantity 1.0~2.0 ml / 80cm2 / hr
PH value Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS6.5~7.2)
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method(CASS)3.0~3.2
Lab Volume 800L
Brine Tank Capacity 40L
Multiple Safety Protection Devices Current discharge protection, over pressure protection, over temperature protection, over load fuse protection
Accessories Testing Salt / Measuring tank / Spray Nozzle x 1 set
Air source 1HP Air pump (provided by buyer)
Test criteria ASTM B117-08, ISO 9227...

Product Features

1, Durable hard 8 mm PVC construction, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.
2, Reservoirs with mixing system on stand.
3, Separate heating system apart from salt testing chamber to ensure accurate result and protect circuit.
4, Exposure zone lined with corrosion-resistant PVC sheets.
5, Clear cover allows viewing of test conditions.
6, Peaked cover prevents dripping of condensation onto samples.
7, Water seal and water level protection system.
8, Heated humidifying tower with air relief valve, adjustable tower tip to orient salt fog.
9, Automatic DI water fills to humidifying tower.
10, Digital temperature control.
11, Integral over-protection on heaters.
12, Low water cut-off protection on humidifying tower.

The artificially accelerated simulated salt spray environmental test utilizes a salt spray test chamber with a certain volumetric space, and uses an artificial method in the volumetric space to create a salt spray environment to age the product's resistance to salt spray corrosion and quality. . Compared with the natural environment, the salt concentration of the chloride salt in the salt spray environment is several or several times of that of the normal natural environment, which greatly increases the corrosion rate. The salt spray test is performed on the product and the result is much longer. shorten.

Product number HD-E808-160 Brand HAIDA
price unit USD
Minimum order quantity 1 Supply Capacity 30 Set/Sets per Month
payment method Certification ISO,CE
Place of origin Guangdong, China Packing details Each set protected by resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and vedio inside.