Programmable High And Low Temperature Impact Test Chamber
Programmable High And Low Temperature Impact Test Chamber

Programmable High And Low Temperature Impact Test Chamber

High and low temperature impact test chamber  is suitable for the safety performance test of electronic components

Product Details
Product Introduction(High and low temperature impact test chamber ):

The product is suitable for the safety performance test of electronic components to provide reliability test, product screening test, etc. At the same time through this equipment test, can improve the reliability of the product and product quality control.
High and low temperature impact test chamber is aviation, automobile, home appliances, research in areas such as the necessary test equipment, test and determine the electrician, electronics, automotive electronics, materials and other products, in the high and low temperature test the temperature of the environment impact parameter and the performance after the change, use flexibility, suitable for schools, factories, military industry, research, etc.

Test Standard:

2、GB/2423.22-2012/IEC 60068-2-14:2009
3、GB/T 2424.13-2002/IEC 60068-2-33:1971
5、GB/T 2423.1-2008/IEC6008-2-1-2007
6、GB/T 2423.2-2008/IEC60068-2-2:2007
7、GB/T 10589-2008
8、GB/T 11158-2008 

Main Technical Parameters:  

Model HD-E703-200K40 HD-E703-200K55 HD-E703-200K65
Nominal content product(L) 200
Inside the box size(mm) 650×450×670(W×H×D)
Overall dimensions(mm) 1530×1800×1980(W×H×D)
Technical parameters Temperature range High temperature RT~170 ℃
Low temperature -75℃ ~RT
Test area 40℃ ~150℃ 50℃ ~150℃ 65℃ ~150℃
Temperature shock range High temperature 60℃ ~150℃    
Low temperature 10℃ ~-40℃ 10℃ ~-50℃ 10℃ ~-65℃
Normal temperature zone Indoor temperature
Temperature and humidity deviation ±0.3℃,±2%R·H
Difference in temperature and humidity ±2℃,±3%R·H
Heating rate 2℃/min
Cooling rate 0.5~1.2℃/min
Cold storage time RT→-75℃≤  65min
Thermal storage time RT→170℃≤  35min
Refrigeration system Compressor Imported German blog, R23 / R404A refrigerant
Cooling way Water or air cooling
Condenser Stainless steel brazed plate type heat exchanger
Heater/evaporator Nickel-chromium electric heater/finned evaporator
Microcomputer & display screen TT-5188T3-7HLTaitong controller
Drive motors Drive
Temperature and humidity sensor Japan
Safety measures No fuse switch, compressor overpressure, overheat, overcurrent protection, fuse, water flow protection, phase sequence protection, oil pressure protection, pressure relief protection, low pressure protection, pressure cylinder protection, temperature limit protection
Material Chassis shell High quality cold rolled steel sheet is sprayed with static electricity
Inner wall of the chassis SUS304# Stainless steel plate
Heat preservation material Polyurethane rigid foam + high density fiberglass cotton
Standard configuration Test hole, floodlight, double vacuum bulletproof glass observation window
Max. power  
Power supply three-phase,380V,50Hz

Product Features:

Appearance paint color: box dark gray, box door sky blue.
2.Box structure: above the front is the test studio, below the front is the preheating studio, above the back is the pre-cooling studio, below the back is the refrigerating unit mechanical room, the top of the equipment is installed room temperature impact circulation duct and blower, the right side of the equipment is the electrical control box.
3.Fully enclosed imported compressor + environmental refrigerant, plate type cold and heat exchanger and dual type ultra-low temperature freezing system.
4.Protection system: overtemperature of the whole equipment, overheat protection of the fan, under-phase/inverse phase protection of the whole equipment, overload of the refrigeration system, overpressure of the refrigeration unit, timing of the whole equipment, other protection including electricity leakage, operation instructions, automatic shutdown after fault alarm.

Product number HD-E703-200 Brand HAIDA
price unit USD
Minimum order quantity 1 Supply Capacity 150 Set/Sets per Month
payment method Certification ISO,CE
Place of origin Guangdong, China Packing details Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.