Quality Inspection


Dimension Measurement

Humidity Test

Equipment Debugging


Material Inspection
Observe, measure and test through the process and method of use of the product, to ensure quality, safety and life of material.

Storage Inspection
Aim: Determine whether the quality of the product meets the specified product quality conditions
Test content:
1.Appearance Quality Test
Figure, Structure, Color, Odor, Touch
Defect, Surface defects, Processing quality
2.Intrinsic Quality Test
Physical properties, Mechanical properties, Process quality, Chemical composition, Effect, Limit of harmful substances.

How to do?
1.Count the number of products and place the area to be tested.

2.Fill in the checklist, and inform the engineers of Quality Department for inspection.

3.After receiving the checklist, the inspector prepares the tool and tests the product as required.

4.After testing, the inspector signs the test result, marks the qualified and unqualified products.

5.Then, the warehouse administrator will arrange the qualified products to the warehouse.

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