Independent Research and Development


Equipment development process                                                   
1. Identify development projects and understand customer's needs:
Product quality requirements.
Equipment production efficiency requirements.
Equipment working environment.

2. Product Analysis:
Understand the production process of products.
Understand the requirements of all aspects of the product and 
the incoming condition.
Communicate with customers about the precautions in product 
production process.
Technical data of equipment use location.

3. The programme engineers are prepared to discuss and analyse:
The equipment programme, which includes:
Equipment schematic (overall schematic, local schematic)
Introduction to various parts of the organization.
Action description.
Equipment technical data.

4. The program audit by the engineering staff to form an audit team, the program audit, audit content includes:
Equipment feasibility assessment.
Equipment cost assessment.
Evaluation of equipment production efficiency.
Evaluation of the structural feasibility of each part.

5. The rectification of the program to the problem discussed in 
the program review.

6. The customer determines the design proposal design solution:
To the customer, the customer according to the demand, the final.
Determination of the plan.

7. Design and development by the engineering department 
arranges the engineer to carry on the organization design,make 
machine assembly drawing, part drawing (part labeling according to national standards) select executive components, electronic control accessories and list of machined parts.

8. Institutional audit by the engineering staff to form an audit team,the design of the drawings are reviewed,audit content includes:
Whether the machine structure fits properly:Functional 
performance(capability and accuracy), stability, security,
Humanization(convenience of operation) and Appearance.
Whether the machine is designed to meet customer needs.
The cost.
Each part of the organization should be simple and easy to debug and repair.
Parts should be as simple as possible and easy to process.
Reasonable selection of the actuator components.

9. Parts processing and procurement of standard parts:
Part drawing of parts processing part to machine parts 
The purchaser follows the list of standard parts, contact 
supplier for standard parts purchasing.

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