Haida International Equipment Supplies Test Equipments of Automobile Industry

IP Series

For portable, outdoor and automotive electronics are waterproof testing requirements, internationally, IEC, MIL or ETSI as well as SAE have a corresponding test requirements.

IEC/EN60529 waterproof is divided into 9 grades (level 0 ~ Level 8), waterproof grade (e.g. ipx4-Waterproof class 4):

Level 0: Completely waterproof and unprotected.

Level 1: No harmful effects in vertical direction of drip.

Level 2: Vertical drip should have no harmful effect when the vertical surface of the housing is tilted in the 15° range.

Level 3: No harmful effects when pouring water in the 60° range of each vertical surface.

Level 4: No harmful effects to splash water to the shell parties.

Level 5: Water spray in all directions of the housing without harmful effects.

Level 6: Strong water spray in all directions of the housing without harmful effects.

Level 7: The water in the specified pressure is immersed in a specified amount of time and the inlet water is not harmful..

Level 8: The casing inlet water is not harmful after continuous diving according to the conditions agreed between the manufacturer and the user (should be more severe than levels 7). 

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Temperature & Humidity Series

In the natural environment, Temperature and humidity are inseparable two natural factors, Different areas due to different geographical location, the resulting temperature, humidity effects are also different. This test is used to confirm the suitability of the product for storage, transportation and use under temperature and humidity climate conditions. The degree of rigor of the test depends on the high/low temperature, humidity and exposure duration.

Test criteria for reference:

GB/T 2423.3IEC 60068-2-78GB/T 2423.4IEC 60068-2-30EIA 364MIL-STD-810F etc.

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Thermal Shock Series

Haida Thermal shock test Chamber is divided into high temperature zone, low temperature zone, and test area, unique thermal structure of the box in each district. Shock test application of wind path switching mode to import temperature into test area, do hot and cold shock test. The three-groove hot and cold impact tester is used to test the adverse effects on the product due to the rapid change of high and low temperature in the way that the items to be measured are motionless. Applicable to aviation, military, naval, electrical, electronic, instrumentation, medical equipment, civil nuclear energy, institutions of higher learning, Scientific Research Laboratory, Commodity Inspection Arbitration, Technical supervision Department, Building Materials Ceramics, Petrochemical and other products, whole machine and parts of thermal shock impact test.

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Xenon Aging Series

Xenon arc lamp is a kind of gas discharge lamp realized by Xenon electrification. Xenon lamp climate test box can be natural Simulation of the harm caused by sunlight, rain and dew to products in climate. Simulation of rainwater and dew by using xenon lamps to simulate the effect of sunlight exposure and condensation moisture, The material under test is placed in a cyclic procedure where illumination and moisture alternate at a certain temperature, A few days or weeks to reproduce the damage that occurs outdoors for months and years, Artificial accelerated aging test data can help select new materials, Retrofit of existing materials, and evaluate how changes in formulations affect the durability of the product.

Applications include: automobiles and their ancillary products, textiles, polymer materials, additives and colorants, building materials, furniture and leather, paints and pigments, metal coatings, etc.

Reference standards:ISO 4892-2-2006GB/T 16422.2-1999ASTM G15513ASTM G 155-2005SAE J2412SAE J2527PV 3929PV1303ASTM D 4459-2006 etc.

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Drying Series

Haida adopts the new technology of energy saving and environmental protection heating with national key promotion, Heating the electric heat pipe by power supply, Generate heat sources, When it is absorbed by a heated object, it can be converted directly into thermal energy, To get a quick drying effect, To shorten the production cycle, save energy, improve product quality and other purposes.

The oven box is made of angle steel and thin steel plate. Filled glass fiber insulation and thermal insulation between the housing and the studio. Heating system device at the top of the studio. Horizontal circulating ventilation to make the temperature in the box more uniform, This type of drying box can effectively avoid the gradient temperature difference and temperature overshoot phenomenon in the working room, and can improve the temperature uniformity in the working room.

Precision ovens are widely used in laboratories, laboratories, electronic communications, plastics, cables, electroplating, hardware, optoelectronics, plastic products, molds, footwear, spraying, printing, medical, aerospace and institutions of higher learning and other industries.

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