xenon aging chamber introduction

Summer comes quietly
We have to face the hot summer
Many people hate summer
Because summer is not only very hot
And still very dry
But some people like summer
Summer recovery
And have a sun shower

In fact, although sunlight has ingredients that help our body.
But there are also ingredients that damage our bodies.
Destructive light waves in the sun
Here are some examples!

a pot of sun exposure
Its material will become very brittle
Some cars will lose their paint after a long time.
White plastic will also yellow because of the sun
These are because they have been exposed to the sun’s destructive light waves for a long time.

And these harm can be test with xenon aging chamber,The main factors that cause the aging of materials in the Xenon weathering test chamber are sunlight and humidity. The weather tester can simulate the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. The xenon weathering test chamber uses the xenon lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight, and uses the condensed moisture to simulate rainwater and dew. The tested material is placed in a cyclical program of alternating light and moisture at a certain temperature, and it takes several days or weeks to test. Reproduce the hazards of outdoor months and even years

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