Which industries need to use xenon lamp weather test chamber ?

Which industries need to use xenon lamp weather test chamber?

The xenon lamp weathering test box uses xenon lamps to simulate the ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light in the natural climate. The light is used to photo-age the product, so as to quickly determine whether the product is resistant to light. It is mainly used in coatings, construction materials, textiles, furniture leather and other industries.

Coated paint: People are all outdoors, so the shells on cars need to be tested in light to see whether the material of the shell will age out under the light for a long time.

Building materials: can be divided into structural materials, decorative materials and some special materials. Materials that have been exposed to the sun for a long time need to use a xenon lamp aging test box to test the light resistance intensity.

Textiles: The clothes that people wear, the curtains at home, etc., are easy to understand. Light tests are needed to detect whether they will fade after a long period of use.

Furniture leather: A good set of furniture is believed to last 40 or 50 years for a family. Of course, good furniture also needs to be tested. Not only does it need to do a light test, but also a temperature and humidity test, so as to determine whether the sofa will fall after many years of use. skin.

xenon lamp weather test chamber

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the air-cooled xenon lamp weather test chamber?

Advantages: The lamp tube of the air-cooled xenon lamp is installed above the inner box of the equipment. It is installed horizontally. The sample holder is installed in the middle of the inner box. The distance from the lamp tube can be adjusted according to the size of the sample. Its advantage is simple structure and testing. Larger space is suitable for testing samples with irregular sizes. The price is relatively affordable.

Disadvantages: The distance between the sample in the inner box and the lamp tube is not equal, or the sample placed in the corner receives weak radiation, so it is necessary to suspend the test and adjust the sample placement position.