What is a Thermal Shock Test?

Definition of Thermal Shock Test

Thermal Shock Testing is often called Temperature Shock Testing or Temperature Cycling, high and low temperature thermal shock testing.

According to GJB 150.5A-2009 3.1, the temperature shock is a sharp change in the atmospheric temperature around the equipment, and the temperature change rate is greater than 10 degrees/min, which is a temperature shock. MIL-STD-810F 503.4 (2001) holds a similar view.

temperature shock test chamber

Purpose of Thermal Shock Test

The purpose of temperature shock test: the engineering development stage can be used to find product design and process defects; the product finalization or design appraisal and mass production stage are used to verify the product's adaptability to the temperature shock environment, and provide a basis for design finalization and mass production acceptance decisions ; When used as an environmental stress screening application, the purpose is to eliminate early failures of the product.