What are the environmental reliability testing in daily life, do you know?

Our modern life is inseparable from travel, and travel requires transportation, such as bicycles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, cars, high-speed trains, airplanes, ships, etc. These vehicles are also escorted by testing equipment.

In fact, our mobility tool cars also need environmental reliability testing. What are the specific items of automotive environmental reliability testing? Why do car environmental reliability testing?

Main test items of automotive environmental reliability testing:
a. Light aging test: Xenon test, UV ultraviolet test, carbon arc lamp test, metal halide lamp test
b. Environmental aging test: temperature shock, temperature cycle, rapid temperature change, cold water shock, low temperature storage, high temperature storage
C. Corrosion test: gas corrosion (H2S, SO2, CL2, NO2), ozone corrosion, neutral salt spray corrosion, copper accelerated salt spray corrosion, cyclic salt spray corrosion, acetic acid salt spray corrosion, chemical reagent corrosion test

The purpose and significance of automotive environmental reliability testing:
①: In the development stage, it is used to expose the defects of all aspects of the trial product and evaluate the reliability of the product reaching the predetermined index;
②: The production stage provides information for monitoring the production process;
③: Reliability appraisal or acceptance of finalized products;
④: Expose and analyze the failure laws and related failure modes and failure mechanisms of products under different environmental and stress conditions;
⑤: In order to improve product reliability, formulate and improve reliability test plan, and provide basis for users to choose products.
In summer, the temperature is relatively high. As soon as you open the door, you will feel that the car is steaming hot, and it will take a few minutes to return to the ambient temperature.

The significance of automotive environmental reliability testing is far-reaching. For enterprises producing automobiles, it is necessary to do automotive environmental reliability testing. For a series of problems that occur when the car runs under normal temperature, it can be detected and detected in time. If the car is rectified, the price of the car will be high, and if the car is not systematically tested for safety before leaving the factory, the hidden problems of the car will not be found. Various components of automotive products must be tested for environmental reliability of automobiles in a special environmental testing laboratory.