​​​​​​​Common precautions for UV aging test chamber

Some people say: After buying the UV aging test chamber, I did not pay attention to the maintenance matters, which caused the equipment to have some failures from time to time; therefore, Haida summarized the common precautions for everyone.

1. Non-professional operators are not allowed to operate their equipment at will.

2. The place where the UV aging tester is placed should be a flat ground, well ventilated, free of flammable, explosive and corrosive gases and dust, away from strong airflow and strong magnetic field interference, etc.

3. If the equipment is under non-test conditions, it should be kept dry, the sewage after operation should be discharged, and the studio and box should be dry. If the equipment is in use, an adequate water supply should be maintained.

4. The user is required to configure the air or power switch of the corresponding capacity for the UV aging tester at the installation site.

5. Since the radiation of the equipment is harmful to people (especially the eyes), the operator should minimize exposure to ultraviolet rays (the exposure time should be less than 1 minute, and it is recommended that the operator wear protective goggles and sheaths.


6. The number and time of opening the door should be avoided during the test phase.

7. Install the sample and control sample on the sample turntable, and ensure reliable clamping and symmetrical distribution. It is recommended to fill blank samples in empty locations and maintain the same test conditions.

8. If the UV aging tester has not been used for a long time, when using it again, be sure to carefully check the water source, power supply and various parts, and then start the device after confirming that it is correct.

9. After the equipment test is over, the operator should cover the plastic cover to avoid the intrusion of dust. Before that, if dust is found, it should be cleaned up if necessary.

10. There is appropriate maintenance space around the equipment, which is convenient for operators to use.