UV Accelerated Weathering Test Chamber

Many materials have varying degrees of damage from exposure to ultraviolet light. In our daily life, a lot of paint, printing packaging and other things will become faded or discolored after a long time of use, such as colored gift boxes, colored printing paint, colored paint and so on. Because the oxygen in the air reacts with the color on the surface, the ultraviolet rays and temperature of the sunlight outside the window sill speed up this chemical reaction.

Color material aging and discoloration is an irreversible process, but we can start from the source, that is, the appropriate addition of antioxidant and anti-uv agent or in the surface coating a layer of anti-uv protective film. If you need to know the antioxidant and anti-uv effects of the material after the above treatment.At this point, you need a uv accelerated weathering aging test chamber.Haida HD-E802 uv aging test chamber can help you.

The UV aging test chamber simulates the effects of sun, rain, and dew on materials. UV simulates the effects of sunlight by means of a light-emitting ultraviolet (UV) lamp, and simulates the effects of cold moisture, rain, and dew.The tested material is tested in a cycle of alternating light and moisture at a given temperature.With a few days or weeks of testing, UV can reproduce damage that has been seen outdoors for months to years.Damage types include: fading, discoloration, loss of light, pulverization, cracking, turbidity, blistering, strength degradation and oxidation.

Uv aging test chamber is widely used in paint ink paint, resin, plastic, printing and packaging, aluminum profiles, adhesives, automobile and motorcycle industry, cosmetics, metal, electronics, electroplating, medicine and other industries.