thermal shock test chamber

Do mobile phones still work in Antarctica?

The sun and rain are the treasures that nature bestows on us and microorganisms. In addition, they will also destroy the world and everything. Have you ever thought that in the products we use every day, they are also suffering from cold or high temperatures, and some products can’t support it. In the face of extremely cold or extremely hot weather, the product will be affected and malfunction. So how can we know whether the products we use can withstand severe cold or high temperature? Next, I will introduce a high and low temperature test equipment: Haida's thermal shock test chamber.

Thermal shock testing machines are widely used around us, such as batteries, metals, plastics, rubber, electronics, electrical engineering, and other industries. They can be used in aerospace component materials, automobile engines, and small daily-use vacuum cups. To the thermal shock test machine.

Why do high and low temperature testing? Your product is not only used in a certain area, such as our most inseparable mobile phone, if you go to Africa or Russia, can it still be used? Will the parts inside be damaged? Another example is a tire under high temperature. The high temperature will cause him to expand. Is it dangerous to drive on the road?

It must be very dangerous. The thermal shock test machine is mainly used to simulate the sudden change of high temperature environment and low temperature environment. It can be used to detect physical and chemical changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction in a short period of time, and observe the performance of the article. stability.

Reminder: After using the thermal shock tester, you must remember to wait for the temperature in the chamber to return to normal temperature before cleaning the test items to avoid being burned by the high temperature. As it involves sudden changes in high and low temperatures, particles are often condensed, so it is necessary to clean the air outlet frequently to avoid blockage due to particles. After not using the thermal shock tester, remember to cut off the power supply in time.

In addition to the thermal shock test chamber, Haida Instruments also produces tensile machines, universal material testing machines, needle detectors, constant temperature and humidity test chambers, and adhesive industry equipment. Would you like to know more? Then come and contact us. . . . . .