​​​​​​Can the special salt be replaced with edible salt when operating the salt spray test?

The salt spray tester, as the name suggests, is used to detect the corrosion resistance of certain products under the condition of salt spray, and "salt" must be used in equipment testing. Can it be used for testing?

Salt spray test includes natural environmental exposure test and artificial accelerated simulated salt spray environmental test. Artificial simulated salt spray test includes neutral salt spray test, acetic acid salt spray test, copper salt accelerated acetic acid salt spray test, alternating Salt spray test, and the salt spray test chamber is to manually test the product's resistance to salt spray corrosion.

When the salt spray test chamber speeds up the corrosion resistance test process of products, the requirements for "salt" are also increased. The salt we usually eat contains potassium iodate. The presence of potassium iodate, an impurity, will weaken the accuracy of product testing, and it will also block the nozzle, which will reduce the service life of the device.

And use pure water! General water contains impurities, there are interference factors!

It can be seen that the salt spray test has very clear requirements for salt, and at the same time, the conditions and methods of its use are clearly limited, and the salt we eat is a mixture of compounds such as potassium iodate and sodium chloride. The presence of impurities will affect the accuracy of the test.

Therefore, edible salt is not also used for the test of the salt spray test box. You should not buy edible salt that can be bought for convenience. You must choose a professional "salt" for testing. In order to make the test accuracy meet the requirements.