The Introduction Of Water Spray Test Chamber IPX3-IPX4

Water spray test chamber IPX3-IPX4 adopts scientific design, so that the device can realistically simulate the water spray environment. The rainfall, the rotation angle of the sample rack, the swing angle of the water spray swing rod and the swing frequency of the swing tube can be automatically adjusted.

The rain test chamber has a great influence on the aging of products, the degradation of pigments, and the corrosion of metals. Therefore, the aging test chamber is increasingly valued by the rubber, plastics, chemical, automotive, textile and other industries. There are many factors in the climate environment, such as Temperature, humidity, rain, etc.

Safety protection device of water spray test chamber IPX3-IPX4:
1. Power overload protection
2. Short circuit protection
3. Ground protection
4. Over-temperature protection
5. Water shortage protection