The environment and material quality of the salt spray test chamber

Salt spray test chambers are used in aviation, automobiles, motorcycles, weapons, electrical engineering and electronics, chemical metallurgy, quality inspection, measurement, post and telecommunications, railways and other enterprises and institutions, universities, technical schools, and scientific research institutes, as inspection materials and salt for protective layers The fog corrosion ability, which is similar to the technical quality of the protective layer, is a test that artificially simulates the salt fog environment, and can also be used to check the salt fog corrosion ability of some products.

The cover material of the salt spray test chamber is a transparent plate, which is also corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and will not leak. During the experiment, the indoor experiment can be clearly seen from the outside, and it will not affect the experimental results. The top angle of the cover is 110 degrees to ensure that the condensed water generated during the test will not drip onto the sample and affect the test results. The lid and the box body are sealed with water to prevent the salt spray from overflowing, which will affect the test results and corrode other equipment in the room, and may even cause harm to the tester. The shell material is made of PVC plastic board, which has a smooth appearance, no scratches, corrosion resistance, cleanness, and no leakage. Polypropylene plastic liner, high temperature resistance of 80 degrees. All kinds of auxiliary equipment are anti-corrosion type, and the structure design is reasonable.

salt test chamber