Temperature Test Chamber


Temperature test chamber involves two series, temperature and humidity test series, thermal shock test series.
1.Temperature and humidity test series can simulate various temperature and humidity environments. This series are suitable for testing products such as electronics, electrical appliances, food, automotive, rubber, plastic rubber, metal, printing products, furniture products etc.
We have two representative models for this type simulation test, below,

HD-E702 Constant temperature and humidity chamber,
HD-E705 Walk-in temperature and humidity testing room(more bigger than constant temperature and humidity chamber)
This series can support the temperature and humidity range at -7


Temp.&humidity test chamber                                    Walk-in room group

2.Thermal shock test series can be used to test the tolerance of composite materials and material structures under continuous conditions of instantaneous exposure from high to low temperatures. It means to test in the shortest possible time the chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

This series are suitable for testing electronic, electrical, food, automotive, rubber, plastic rubber and metal products etc.

There are two representative models, below,
HD-E703 Thermal shock test chamber support temperature test without humidity control.
HD-E708 Rapid-rate thermal cycle chamber support both temperature and humidity test with quick test speed.