Solar Xenon Aging Test

Solar Xenon Aging Test is a comprehensive climate testing machine and it can do climatic aging test and the lightfastness test of polymer materials which exposed at simulated sunlight. It simulates the light, temperature, rainfall, condensing, humidity to test the materials. Besides, It also can control irradiance real-time, automatically inspect and compensate irradiance, temperature, humidity. Test specimens are placed under such an environment to undergo a cycle aging test for days or weeks that is equivalent to the real outdoor environment for months or years.

This series are suitable for testing products such as Aircraft; automative; Electronic componenets; Furniture leather; Motorbike; Plastic; Polymer material; Rubber; Textiles etc.

We have two representative models for this type test:

HD-E711-1 Xenon Weathering Test Chamber( Air cooled)
HD-E711-2 Xenon Weathering Test Chamber( Water cooled)

                     Air cooled  
                        Water cooled