Say "NO" to Bad Environments

Every year in June and July in the south, there will be a climatic phenomenon of continuous overcast and rainy weather. Because it is the season when the plums in the south of the Yangtze River are ripe, it is called "Plum Rain". It is a season that makes southerners very heady. At this time, a small partner in Guangdong with an annual average temperature of 22°C misses the sun's light very much.

The quality of the environment not only has a great impact on people, but also has a great impact on instruments, tools, and electronic products. What kind of environment is suitable for human habitation? Temperature: 20-26℃, humidity: 40-60%, air composition: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.2% carbon dioxide and other gases. What kind of environment is suitable for the operation of instruments and electronic products? A constant temperature and humidity testing chamber can solve this problem. It can test the adaptability of batch or large parts, semi-finished products or finished products when they are stored, transported and used in high and low temperature, humid and hot environments, and the temperature range and humidity range of detection can be modified and customized according to needs.

People will create better conditions in order to realize their own value, so they learn various skills. The same is true of products. The true value of things can only be better displayed under the right conditions.