Salt spray test chamber

 Salt spray test chamber

Most of the corrosion of metal materials occurs in the atmosphere. The atmosphere contains oxygen, humidity, temperature changes, pollutant corrosion components and corrosive factors. Salt spray corrosion is a common destructive atmospheric corrosion.

The salt spray machine, also known as the "salt spray chamber", is one of the three-proof series of artificial environments. It mainly simulates the destructive effects of the ocean surrounding climate on the product. It is suitable for galvanizing, coating, electronic and electrical, zipper buttons, etc. Industrial products. Divided into three types: neutral test, acid test, and alkaline test. Participating standards are GB, and international standards such as ISO, ASTMB-117, DIN, etc. can also be used.

Neutral salt spray test: laboratory: 35℃±1℃,
b. Saturated air barrel: 47℃±1℃;
Acid corrosion test: test room: 50℃±1℃,
b. Saturated air barrel: 63℃±1℃;
It can also be set according to JIS, CNS and other standards

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Salt Spray Test Chamber