Luggage Testing solutions for Travelite Germany

Luggage Testing solutions for Travelite Germany



Ever since its foundation in 1949 travelite has been the German specialist in light, functional and durable luggages. 

Their products are manufactured using the latest in material, accessory and manufacturing technology. For all steps of the manufacturing process are continuously monitored to safeguard highest standards of raw-material and workmanship quality. 

Haida provides professional testing solutions for travelite products.Quality manager from travelite came to visit Haida factory and be well trained on equipment operation for Oscillation and Impact Tester, Drop Impact Tester and Suitcase Roller Tester.

Hereby, we’d like introduce the Haida Osicillation and Impact Tester.

Test method on Osicillation and Impact test
Carry out oscillation and impact test under specified weight bearing condition (see below chart), respectively inspect shoulder straps, handles and side straps; the oscillation and impact times are: 400 times for double shoulder straps and double handles; 250 times for single shoulder straps and single handle; 150 times for side straps.
Test Evaluation
After the test, the bag body shall be free from cracking; each component shall be free from deformation, fracture, damage and split thread; various straps which take connecting action are not allowed to have above 30% deformation; fixed parts and connecting pieces shall be free from looseness; the bag lock shall be capable of being opened normally, the trick lock is free from phenomena of being stuck, skipping number, off hook, disordered number and password out of control.
Haida provides whole testing solutions for luggage/bags industry, such likes Luggage mileage test and Trolley/ Zipper durability Test, materials tensile test, and so on.
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