LED lighting Test

How do you evaluate the characteristics of LED lighting products as well as control devices, their reliability, mechanical strength, energy efficiency to access its target markets, including IEC60598 for EU market, UL1598 for Noth America...

Haida International Equipment Co.,Ltd is offering a comprehensive luminaries testing equipment, designed to simulate various environmental stress conditions, such as temperature, humidity, corrosion, UV exposure, IP water, IP dust and so on, so as improve their performance and ensure their access to the global market.

HD-E702 series Climate Chamber(Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber), long term duration in double 85 is abailable(85℃, 85%RH)
HD-E703 series Thermal Shock Test Chamber
HD-E808 series Salt Spray Chamber
HD-E710 series IP Water Test Chamber(comply with test standard IEC60529)
HD-E706 series IP Dust Test Chamber(comply with test standard IEC60529)