Keep your home away from formaldehyde------HAIDA Formaldehyde Climate Test Chamber

     Home, give a person with warmth.And the house that lives, it is the important carrier of the home.
     New home often cannot be moved in immediately after decorating, more or less contain a few formaldehyde in the building materials that decorate, so for average person, after bridal chamber decorates good at least 2 arrive 3 months just can be moved in almost, the house that decorate newly must notice to do well ventilated.If do not do well ventilated word, indoor pollution causes the disease of respiratory tract easily, want to air so at least bask 2-3 months just good, the proposal gets a few green plants more, for example green luo, tiger carries bamboo these to wait!

     The formaldehyde in decorating contaminant is harmful to human body seriously, incubation period is long, be called "indoor pollution killer", be determined by WHO (world health organization), be "carcinogenic with teratogenic sex material".Long-term exposure to low dose formaldehyde can cause chronic poisoning, causing respiratory system, nervous system, reproductive system and other harm.
     Wall paint emits formaldehyde, which can be especially harmful to children.Therefore, the newly decorated family chooses the original plant paint, the product has the USDA biological certification, the ingredients come from plants and other renewable resources, carrying natural environmental protection genes from the source.At the same time, effectively purify formaldehyde, and achieve up to 99.9% effective antibacterial rate, let the family feel at ease breathing the good air at home.
     So the problem comes, after launching this lacquer of original plant extract, how to get formaldehyde content low?The key came, haida formaldehyde climate box, can maximize the simulation of indoor climate environment, the formaldehyde emission of wall paint to determine.

     Home, it is the beautiful harbor in the life, cannot let beautiful harbor become the hell that lets you cause cancer because of formaldehyde problem, the harm of formaldehyde exceeds your imagination, everybody enters new house must detect clear formaldehyde concentration, avoid harmful body.
     If you want to know more about the formaldehyde climate test chamber, you are welcome to ask.