IPx6-IPx7 test for IPhone7/7 Plus

IPx6-IPx7 test for IPhone7/7 Plus

Without any doubt, IPhone 7/7 Plus is published on September 8th 2016, which includes dual-camera (IPhone 7 Plus only), A10 core and protection with IP67. But do you really know about what’s IP67 real meaning? 

What’s the IP Code description. IP means Ingress Protection, and was decided by The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). 
According to the IEC 60529, the standard describes a system for classifying the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment.
Arrangement of IPXX Code:
IP: Code letter
First characteristic numeral (numerals 0 to 6, or letter X): Dust protection

Second characteristic numeral (numerals 0 to 9, or letter X): Water protection


Haida International Equipment can provide professional test chambers to test electronic products, electrical, materials, spare parts, in the condition of rain and dust, for evaluating IP grade. Please check below Haida test chambers for IP67. 

Dust Test Chamber (IP grade: IP5X, IP6X)

Water Immersion Test Chamber (IP grade: IPX7, IPX8)