Interpretation of Haida LOGO

HD Haida LOGO---Blue

    1. The instrument industry is currently a sunrise industry, and our company Haida Instruments is a new force in this industry.
    2. The instrument industry is as expansive as the blue sea, and Haida Instruments is like a rising sun on the sea, full of vigor and vigorous development.
    3. The big overseas watch seems to be calm, microwave scales, but market competition encourages Haida to rise in the market and stand firm.
    4. The equipment brands, logos and machine special design parts produced by Haida are all distinguished by blue to distinguish other brands. Later, blue will be introduced into V2S, and the existing external images are determined to be "blue" and collectively referred to as "haida blue" .

Blue is a cool color. In the visible light of electromagnetic waves, it has a higher frequency (second only to purple light), with a frequency of 600 to 700 THz (corresponding to a wavelength of 500 to 430 nm in the air), which belongs to high frequency light. Blue is one of the three primary colors of light and the four psychological colors, representing the color of the sky. Blue also expresses beauty, freshness, wisdom, tranquility, melancholy, open-mindedness, calmness, coolness, and coldness.

Blue: signs of the sky and the sea. Represents wisdom, calmness and femininity. People who like blue are very calm and self-contained in character, are honest, value the trust relationship between people, can take care of those around them, and be courteous in interacting with others. Blue represents wisdom, a broad mind, a spirit of never giving up, and a harmonious world.