In the era of running, have your headlights kept up?---Yellowing Resistance Aging Tester

Everyone knows that car headlights will turn yellow after being used for a period of time. Today, I will tell you why the headlights turn yellow and how to choose the headlights?

At present, most automobile lampshades are injection molded of polycarbonate (PC) or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plastics. Plastic products will gradually age during use. High temperature, ultraviolet rays and ozone will accelerate the aging process. In addition, frequent trips to areas where chemical substances are leaked, or industrial areas where pigment and dye production companies are intensive, or even using the wrong car cleaning and maintenance products, may cause the lampshade to turn yellow.

The main reason for the yellowing of the surface of the car headlights is the sun exposure, so avoiding the sun exposure is the most direct way to avoid the headlights turning yellow. Wipe the surface of the headlight regularly with a soft cloth to avoid long-term adhesion of dirt. Use alkaline water to clean the headlights. You can use soapy water. After cleaning, wipe it with a polishing agent, and then wax it for care.

ABS engineering plastic is the best material for producing lampshades. ABS engineering plastic is PC/ABS (engineering plastic alloy). The Chinese name in the chemical industry is plastic alloy. The reason why it is named PC/ABS is that this material has both PC The resin has excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional stability and impact resistance, as well as the excellent processing fluidity of ABS resin.

For manufacturers of car headlights, how to detect whether the headlights have good yellowing resistance, then use a test box for testing yellowing resistance. Here is a test equipment for yellowing resistance. .

Yellowing Resistance Aging Tester can do two kinds of tests: aging and yellowing resistance.

Aging: This machine can promote the deterioration of vulcanized rubber to calculate the rate of change of tensile force and elongation before and after heating. It is generally considered that testing at 70°C for one day is theoretically equivalent to 6 months of exposure to the atmosphere.

Yellow resistance: This machine simulates the atmospheric environment and is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. The appearance change is generally considered to be tested at 50 ℃ for 9 hours, which is theoretically equivalent to 6 months of exposure to the atmosphere.

1. Ergonomics and simple operation are the main focus of the design. The volume design of the gloss meter is reasonable, and the button operation, screen display and simple navigation menu make gloss measurement easy. One-key operation, automatic calibration at startup, automatic measurement, and storage of test data.
2. The all-metal shell is durable and comfortable, and the instrument meets various international and domestic standards with good quality.
3. Free choice of multiple functional modes, such as: automatic measurement, manual measurement, sampling measurement, statistical measurement, to meet your different needs.

It is recommended that all riders choose engineering plastic alloy materials as much as possible when choosing headlights. Otherwise, the yellowing of the headlights will not only make it unsightly, but also become opaque and reduce the brightness, which will bring a certain degree of danger to car owners who travel at night.