How to pay attention to maintenance in the thermal shock test chamber.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Haida International Instrument Thermal Shock Test Chamber has been gaining good reputation from customers with its exquisite technology and considerate after-sales service. It also provides opportunities for global customers to operate equipment in a timely manner. Now let me share the hot and cold impact test. How to pay attention to the maintenance of the box.

1. Haida International Instruments uses the customer's stress on the thermal shock test chamber: the maintenance of the test equipment must implement the principle of “self-protection and self-supporting, prevention-oriented”, and do regular maintenance, mandatory, and correctly handle the use, maintenance and repair. Relationships are not allowed to be used only and not cultivated;

2, the maintenance of test equipment to ensure quality, in accordance with the provisions of the project and requirements, item by item, must not be covered or not protected, or perfunctory;

3, maintenance personnel and maintenance departments should be "three inspections and one-off (self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and one-time joints)", constantly sum up maintenance experience and improve maintenance quality.

4. In order to ensure that the test equipment is always in a good technical state, it can be put into operation at any time, reduce the downtime, improve the mechanical integrity rate, utilization rate, reduce equipment wear, extend equipment service life, reduce equipment operation and maintenance cost, and ensure safe production. Be sure to perform comprehensive maintenance work on the test equipment (preferably with a long-term maintenance contract with the original equipment manufacturer).