How much do you know about the rain test machine?

Since the beginning of the year, with the slowdown of China's economic growth and the rise of various production costs, the rain test machine industry has undergone cruel tests, and the industry reshuffle will intensify. Under the influence of many factors, the rain test machine companies must not be confused and must recognize the current development situation. Only with a well-planned strategy can it be ensured that the company has a favorable market position.

With the acceleration of economic globalization, many foreign countries have entered the Chinese market one after another. They are optimistic about the huge consumption and development potential of China's rain test machine companies. At the same time, China's domestic rain test machine companies are also actively seeking to go abroad and participate. International competition, expect to share the "international environmental test market" this bigger cake.

Once it enters the international market, for the rain test machine company, the standards for product quality, service, and environmental protection will be more stringent, and if you participate in the competition as an individual, it is tantamount to a single-handed battle, and the competition will become more intense. Therefore, how to promote China's rain test machine companies to the international market and promote the upgrade of the environmental test industry are also problems that the industry needs to solve at the moment.

Haida established in 2004 in Dongguan City, where is the “silicon valley” of world manufacturing industry. It is a certified national high-tech enterprise engaged in design, research  and development, production, sales, calibration and after-sale service of test equipment, such as paper&packaging test equipment, Furniture test equipment, material mechanics test equipment, optical measurement equipment, environmental reliability testing equipment etc. With the persistent efforts of all staff, Haida owned 4 factories with total 60,000 square meters, 15 branch offices covers South China, North China, East China, Central China and Northwest China, as well over 20 overseas after-sales service sites covers Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East with over 28,000 customers.