What is high accelerated life test?

The high accelerated life test was first proposed by Dr. GreggKHobbs, president of American Hobbs engineering company. Since the 1990s, high accelerated life test has been popularized and applied. The most important characteristic of the high accelerated life test is the time compression, that is, in just a few days to simulate the situation that a product may encounter during the whole life. Compared with the traditional reliability test, the purpose of the high accelerated life test is to stimulate the fault, that is, to stimulate the potential defect of the product into observable fault. Therefore, it is not a general simulation of the actual use of the environment for the test, but artificial imposition of stepping stress, in far greater than the technical conditions of the limit stress under the rapid test, find out the product of various working limit and damage limit. At present, although there is no relevant test standard, high accelerated life test projects have been widely carried out in aviation, automobile, electronics and other high-tech industries abroad, which have achieved considerable results.