Dragon Boat Rain - So you are like this

The weather during this period can be said to be unpredictable. On the same day, it can be hot and sunny during the day and cloudy and rainy at night. During this period, that is, from late May to mid-June, the rain that falls is dragon boat rain, also known as dragon boat water.

"Dragon Boat Water" is a heavy rainfall phenomenon affecting South China and other places. Each year into May, the power of warm, moist air from tropical oceans increases. The temperature in the area south of Nanling gradually increased and the weather turned hot. However, the cold air is not receding north. The cold air from the north was "reluctantly" blowing toward southern China, and the confluence of cold and warm air caused frontal precipitation. Therefore, under the combined influence of monsoon precipitation and frontal precipitation, large and concentrated precipitation often occurred in Guangdong during this period, that is, "Dragon Boat Water".

During this period, if you accidentally get caught in the rain, don't be unhappy, because the dragon boat water is "good luck water". According to the traditional saying, after the dragon boat is soaked in water, everything goes well.
I also hope that our orders can be placed like the dragon boat rain, and more orders will be placed! Come on everyone!