Do you know the waterproof level?

We often hear that the selling point of a certain three-proof mobile phone is IP56 and IP68 waterproof. What is this "IP"? What does the number behind it mean? In fact, the IP here is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection, which means The degree of protection of the enclosure of an electronic device against the intrusion of foreign objects. The IP classification system was originally proposed by the International Electrotechnical Commission and defined in its IEC 60529 standard. The IP grading system is represented by IPXX, the first X represents the degree of protection of the enclosure against the intrusion of solid foreign
objects (dust rating), and the second X represents the degree of waterproofing of the enclosure (waterproof rating).

So what does each number mean:
Dust rating
Use the scale of 0-6 to distinguish its protection ability
Waterproof grade
Use 0-8 votes to distinguish its protection capabilities
Level 0  No protection Level 0 No protection
Level 1 Can resist <50mm (diameter, the same below) solids, such as palms Level 1 Can eliminate the harmful effects of vertically falling water droplets
Level 2 Protects against solids <12.5 mm, such as fingers Level 2 Protects against water droplets falling within 15 degrees from vertical
Level 3 Protects against solids < 2.5 mm, such as screwdrivers Level 3 Eliminates the harmful effects of spray-like water droplets at 60 degrees from vertical
Level 4 Protects against <1 mm solids such as wires Level 4 Can eliminate the harmful effects of water droplets splashing from different directions
Level 5 Protects against dust sufficient to cause a hazard Level 5 can eliminate harmful effects on water jets from nozzles in all directions
Level 6 Complete protection against dust intrusion Level 6 can eliminate the harmful effects of strong water jets from nozzles in all directions
    Level 7 The top is 0.15-1 meter away from the water surface for 30 minutes, the performance is not affected, and there is no water leakage
    Level 8 The top is 1.5-30 meters away from the water surface for 30 consecutive minutes, the performance is not affected, and there is no water leakage

The IP67 rating can achieve complete dust-proof effect, and it can be used for 30 minutes without leakage in the water depth below 1.5 meters. "IP68" is the highest level of dustproof and waterproof level in GB/T 4208-2017 enclosure protection level (IP code). This level of protection already belongs to the professional-grade three-proof standard.


But do you know how IP8 water resistance is tested?
Haida has developed a water immersion test chamber, which fully meets the test requirements of GB/T 4208-2017 standard. It adopts digital and frequency conversion control technology to make the rainfall, the rotation angle of the test rack, the swing angle of the water spray pendulum and the swing of the pendulum tube. The frequency can be adjusted automatically. The shell of the testing machine is made of high-quality stainless steel short hairline plate, and the studio part is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel plate. The test box is composed of the main part, the transmission mechanism and the electrical part.
The diameter of the instrument is 800mm, thickness: 3mm, 1000mm; the water tank is simulated by an air compressor for 30 meters of water pressure; pressure holding range: normal pressure -0.3MPa, with pressure display; pressure gauge accuracy 0.25; time control: 0 ~ 99 Hours 59 minutes (can be set)
This immersion test device is equipped with a pressure protection anti-riot device and a drainage pressure relief device. It has safe, reliable and stable test performance. It has the advantages of simple touch screen operation, accurate testing and high reliability. It allows every enterprise to have high-quality inspection instruments. The diligent pursuit of every Haida person!