Application Of Bulb Type Yellowing Resistance Aging Test Chamber

Bulb type yellowing resistance aging test chamber:

This product can do two kinds of tests: light aging and high temperature aging

Light aging: Install light bulbs for light aging test. Simulating the change in appearance when exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays in an atmospheric environment is generally considered to be tested at 50 ° C for 9 hours, which is theoretically equivalent to 6 months of exposure to the atmosphere.

High temperature aging: remove the bulb to perform high temperature test, which is equivalent to an oven, but the temperature accuracy is much higher than the oven, promote the deterioration of sulfur rubber, calculate the tensile force and elongation change rate before and after heating, generally considered to test at 70 ℃ for one day Theoretically equivalent to 6 months of exposure to the atmosphere.

Application: Suitable for yellowing resistance testing of elastic materials, rubber, tires, conveyor belts, soles, soft synthetic leather, leather and other materials, with high efficiency, good reproducibility, simple operation and other characteristics.