Anti-immersion detection of electronic products ~Water Immersion Test Chamber IPX7-IPX8

With the portability of electronic products, the demand for waterproofing is increasing, especially for sports lovers. The waterproofing demand for electronic products has gradually changed from a specific niche demand to a general rigid demand.

The purpose and significance of waterproof:
During the transportation and use of electronic and electrical products, water drops that may be subject to natural precipitation, condensation, and leakage will be similar to the water rush caused by heavy rain, spray water systems, and may even be flooded.
Water can damage the coating on the surface of the product, accelerate metal corrosion, and reduce the strength of certain materials. It is the main cause of electrical insulation flashover or breakdown, resulting in short circuit damage to the product; water will also penetrate into the product and will freeze, Cause parts to malfunction or fail due to blistering or rupture; water can also cause high humidity, thereby promoting mold growth.
The purpose of the water test is mainly to assess the waterproof capacity of the shell, protective cover and seal of the product to be waterproof to ensure that the product will not be damaged and have satisfactory performance under and after the influence of water.

So now more and more mobile phone manufacturers are matching their products with waterproof ability, but the mobile phone is not waterproof, it needs to be tested. Haida's water immersion test chamber IPX7-IPX8 is the highest level of mobile phones Water resistance.

Water Immersion Test Chamber IPX7-IPX8