After Reading About "To Live"

"To Live", I've been hearing from friends that this book is good, but I haven't read it. I waited until I remembered to place the order, and when I received the book, I put it aside and even the plastic film on the cover was not opened. Occasionally one day, the urge to read a book begins to germinate. After reading this novel, I regret not being able to read it sooner, because it is so well written that most netizens think that the author Yu Hua has passed away. If I hadn't swiped Yu Hua's video, I would have thought so too.

In fact, the book "To Live" is actually very suitable for contemporary "workers" to read, and many of the principles and insights in the book are still very similar to their work. Just like the book says that the protagonist Fugui lost all his family property because of gambling, and became a peasant from a landlord. This was a disaster for him at the time, but in the later period, he escaped from the landlord, which is not lucky. Just like in our work, our predecessors often said that suffering is a blessing, which is actually the truth.

Fugui, the protagonist of "To Live", has lived a difficult life all his life, but he insists on "living". In general, the tone of the whole story is sad, and it can indeed reach the realm of sadness and tears, but it does not convey a negative outlook on life. So after reading this book, every time I feel unhappy or very tired at work, it reminds me of this book even more. Fugui came to this world for a while, no matter how sad or happy, no matter how many hardships there are, we can persist in living, and we can always persevere in the face of work.