About constant temperature and humidity test chamber each performance index basically includes 4 respects, you are worth to collect

In the field of constant temperature and humidity test chamber, with more and more strict requirements for quality control, the demand for constant temperature and humidity environment is more and more large, the field of application is more and more broad.

Applicable to aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electrical, electronic products, electronic components in high and low temperature or hot and humid environment, testing their performance indicators.

1. Performance indicators of constant temperature and humidity room mainly include four aspects:

a). Laboratory decoration: strict thermal insulation and humidity insulation performance is required. It is suggested that the four facades of the laboratory should adopt cainisteel composite board, and PE thermal insulation board should be used for thermal insulation and humidity insulation on the top and bottom surfaces.For perspective Windows, double vacuum glazing is required.

b). Laboratory air conditioning: laboratory air conditioning is the heart of temperature and humidity control, requiring high precision and low failure rate.So must request air conditioning to be able to adjust refrigerating capacity, already had two kinds of means on the market: one kind is frequency conversion to adjust;The other is the frozen water regulation

c). Frequency conversion regulation: in fact, it is to change the power of the compressor by changing the nature of power supply, so that the compressor can work under low load or overload, and at the same time adjust the flow of the refrigeration system, so we must add a lot of cumbersome links, and every link must be perfect match, otherwise there will be a fault.

d). Ventilation mode: the ventilation mode has gone through several historical stages, from the original bottom air supply, to the upper natural air supply, to the upper diffuser air supply, to the good upper air pipe + micro hole ceiling air supply, to the lower floor air return mode, the whole laboratory air supply is gentle and uniform, temperature and humidity control is very stable.

e)Fresh air system: the role of the fresh air system is to provide staff with fresh air, to err on the side of qualitative laboratory temperature and humidity have also played a part, is also the indispensable equipment: in order to let the lab without outside interference, must provide fresh air to the laboratory, to maintain laboratory air pressure is positive, that won't outside air into the laboratory, to ensure that the laboratory will secure for temperature and humidity.