A year of Qingming, a year of memories

"March in the world is full of fragrance, and it is the year of Qingming." Every Qingming Festival, wanderers from far and wide return to their hometowns to worship their ancestors.

Qingming is one of the twenty-four solar terms in my country. Among the twenty-four solar terms, Qingming is the only solar term that is both a solar term and a solar term. Tomb-sweeping Day is celebrated around April 5th of the Gregorian calendar every year. Qingming Festival, also known as March Festival in ancient times, has a history of more than 2,500 years.

On this day, all parts of the country have their own customs, but they are all very different. In some areas, people do not light fires on this day, eat only cold food, and go to graves to express their love for their deceased relatives. After cleaning the environment of the tomb (such as weeds and trees), worship the gods of the earth first, then the ancestors, and use small stones to press the "tomb paper" to indicate that the tomb has been repaired and other ways to celebrate the festival.

Then, organize different group activities for different age groups. For example, the student collective will organize to cherish the memory of the revolutionary ancestors and commemorate the fighting heroes. Whether it is a small family or everyone, in the hearts of Chinese people, there is a simple idea, that is, not forgetting history and not forgetting ancestors. The youth collectively organized a series of customized sports activities such as outing and planting willow branches.

Today, the Qingming Festival commemorations in many places lack the color of civilization and solemnity. Some people throw banknotes everywhere and pollute the environment. cause trouble to others.

In mourning the deceased relatives, the emphasis is on expressing emotions. We can take more civilized ways such as online grave sweeping and flowers to mourn. In front of the tombstones of our ancestors, we can present bunches of white or golden chrysanthemums, plant a green evergreen tree... What we leave to our ancestors is memory and remembrance, and what we leave to our descendants is civilization and simplicity.