How To Do Climatic Test for Telecom Power System?

How to Do Climatic Test for Telecom Power System?


Telecom Industry’s power system will be used in various environmental conditions,

Then serious temperature and humidity will affect its performance and function. But how to make sure our product can withstand such challenge?

EXICOM TELESYS LTD has a power system capable of supplying 1000A at 56V, and can dissipate power upto 6KW under test, which equipped in a rack with dimension 600 * 600 * 2000 mm and weight 400kg. They need an equipment to do Climatic Test so as to check the adoptability of the UUT.

 Additional moving space of 1.5 feet around the rack in the chamber for a person to go and wire the unit. 

The equipment must be able to vary temperatures from -40℃ to 70℃. Vary humidity from 95% RH at 35℃ max and 40% RH min.

Rate of rise and fall should <1℃/min and variable till 6/min with UUT load as per below chart.

Walk-in Climatic Test Chamber proposed by Haida can perfectly perform such test with below specifications.

1. Chamber internal size: 1500W * 1500D * 2400Hmm

2. Temperature range: -40 to +70℃

3. Humidity range: 40% to 95% RH

4. Ramp rate: 1℃/min & 6/min (non-linear)

5. Cooling method: Bock compressor + Water chiller

6. Demineralization unit for humidity water supply

7. 4 * holes (Diameter 100mm) for the UUT wire routing to connect power under test

The chamber has been well installed and trained by Haida engineers in Gurgaon, India for Exicom technicians.