Battery Explosion-proof Test Chamber

Explosion-proof measures for batteries

At present, lithium-ion batteries are widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, electric cars, etc., but lithium batteries are prone to "strike" when the temperature is too high or too low, and in severe cases, they may explode or catch fire. During the production of lithium-ion batteries, high and low temperature tests must be carried out. Due to the risk of explosion and fire caused by high temperature of lithium ion, temperature test and overcharge explosion-proof test are carried out on lithium ion.

The battery explosion-proof test chamber is mainly used for the development of new lithium battery products or daily inspection of the performance of lithium batteries. The main test products are generally battery cells (battery units) or battery modules for charge and discharge tests, overcharge and overdischarge, flame burning, short circuit Test, acupuncture, extrusion test, thermal shock test, thermal runaway test, etc.; in view of the safety and fire performance of lithium batteries. If you have equipment requirements in these areas, you can find Haida Instruments, which has a complete range of models for you to choose from.

News often reports mobile phone explosions. In fact, the real root cause of mobile phone explosions is battery explosion. Professionals believe that the root cause of the battery explosion is the use of fake and inferior products. Experts said that most of the batteries currently used in mobile phones are lithium batteries. Then the battery business should do the corresponding tests to ensure the safety of consumers. At the same time, we also have to protect ourselves. Next, the editor will bring some tips for reference.

Mobile phone explosion-proof strategy:

1. Be sure to use the original battery
Using the original battery is the most important thing to ensure your own safety.

2. Don't modify your phone at will
Mobile phone manufacturers will carry out rigorous research on its security, but after modification, everything will change, which can easily lead to the explosion of the mobile phone.

3. Use the original charger as much as possible
The original charger can ensure the safety of the battery, and the compatible charger will damage the battery and cause an explosion due to unqualified electrical properties.

4. Do not put the battery in a high temperature environment
High temperature will increase the heat of the battery, which is very easy to explode. When charging or placing the phone, choose a place away from high temperature and avoid direct sunlight in summer.

5. Do not use broken batteries
A damaged battery is very easy to explode. Even if it does not explode, it will damage the phone and cause short circuits in the internal components of the phone.

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