IP Water Test Chamber
IP Water Test Chamber

IP Water Test Chamber

IP Water Test Chamber has been widely used in domestic commodity inspection bureau and the domestic and foreign produ

Product Details
Technical Parameters

IP Water Test Chamber 

Product Decrisption

IP Water Test Chamber used to test anti-rain and water-proof performance for products, the products such as steam locomotive lamps, wiper performance, waterproof bands, motorcycle instruments, defense industry, navigation systems, missiles, radar cone top, aerospace industry etc.



IP Water test Chamber is widely used in the lamps and electrical and electronic product certification testing institutions and for testing the waterproof of electrical and electronic products of shell protection level. 

Types of IPX Rain Spray Test Chamber

  • IPX1/2 vertical drop test equipment (with rotating machine and tilt sample samples machine);
  • IPX3/4 automatic arranging the pouring water test equipment (with automatic turntable);
  • IPX3/4 handheld drench water test equipment (with lift stents);
  • IPX5/6 hosing test equipment (D 6.3 mm, D 12.5 mm nozzle);
  • IPX7/8 and the water immersion test equipment (with water temperature control and 10 atmospheric pressure adjustable);
  • Auxiliary water supply, filter system (with the above products, especially blunt water device).

Equipment Details

Product Parameters



Dimension of waterproof test room



(Waterproof test room provided by buyer)

Max. sample size(W*D*H)


Spray system

Consists of pumps, hydraulic pressure gauge, stationary nozzle stents

Turntable diameter


Turntable rotation speed

1~3r/min, height can be adjusted

Test duration

1~99min, adjustable


oscillating tube / spray nozzle / sample turntable - Stainless steel


PLC Controller, touch screen

Safety protection device

Leakage, short circuit, motor over temperature…

Power supply source

Three-phase, 380V±10%, 50/60Hz (can be appointed)


Drip box size


Distance from drip box to ground

1500mm, can be adjusted

Distance from drip box to specimen surface


Water drop speed

1, 3 or 5mm/min, can be adjusted

Water drop hole diameter


Distance from water drop hole


Turntable angle for IPX2

15° inclined on either side of the vertical in two mutually perpendicular planes

Test duration

1~99min, adjustable


Oscillating tube

Radius 1200mm

Oscillating angle

IPX3: spray ±60° from vertical line to each side, total 120°

IPX4: spray ±180° from vertical line to each side, total 360°

Oscillating speed

IPX3: 2*120° for 4s

IPX4: 2*360° for 12s

Oscillating tube material

Stainless steel #304

Spray nozzle

Diameter: 0.4mm, removable

Ensure the water sprays in a line and without tolerance

Distance between two nozzles


Pressure gauge


Water flow speed

5L/min for 1200mm (Oscillating tube Radius),

Water flow of each nozzle

0.07 L/min +5%

IPX5, IPX6 Hand held device

IP Code



Internal diameter of the nozzle     



Delivery rate



Distance from nozzle to enclosure surface

Between 2.5m and 3m

Minimum test duration

3 min, can be adjusted

Nozzle material

Stainless steel #304

Product number HD-E710 Brand Haida Equipment
price unit
Minimum order quantity 1 Supply Capacity 150 Set/Sets per Month
payment method Certification IOS
Place of origin Guangdong,China Packing details Each set protected by resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and vedio inside.